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Desarrollo Web

Web development

Creating digital platforms and campaigns to sociales.

Corporate Websites

Designing and creating websites for businesses, content structure tailored to the needs of each client . Incorporating the latest technologies in development , giving the best results .

Building applications with extensive knowledge in web technologies, platforms and tools allows us to achieve the best possible user experience - stunning designs delivered with the fastest performance in all types of devices.

Web Applications

Responsive Design

Depth knowledge of adaptive design, experience design mobile , tablets and desktop screens , and everything in between . Developing native or hybrid applications across all platforms that perform seamlessly across devices and create content for e-commerce and social experiences .

Management of digital marketing campaigns , where moments are shared widely among the target audience. Tactics include digital graphics , photographs, relevant content , traffic visiting website and user-generated content.


Desarrollo Web

Graphic Design

Elaborated digital design and photography.

Corporate Image

Creating the fundamental corporate structure and graphic brand development. Through this occurs personality , communication tone and a style that reflects the orgenización . Within the development graphical elements such as logo , business cards , folders , document sheet or other necessary accessories are included .

Design of different elements from a banner for a website to a giant poster in high quality to send to a printer . Using best design platforms like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Digital Design


Passion for capturing moments , whether wild-type events , documentaries, or specific work. The results are high-quality optimal for use in digital mode or printing on photo paper.

Creating letters by hand to illustrate leugo to digital, with great bbase calligraphy knowledge and passion for typefaces , logos conducted handlettering for bands , businesses, or other tables .


Desarrollo Web

Music Production

Recording-Mastering and Audiovisual.


Home -studio recording room equipped for creating and recording wrongheaded independent musicians , multitrack format in Cubase software, professional equipment ; Unidirectional Condenser Microphone Rode NT1- A for voices and instruments and audio interface Focusrite .

Creating and editing music videos , events and arts record for consolidated as independent events , containing some artistic - cultural content.



Image creation for independent artists , album art digital design and printing , advertising design release , website and events.


rain is inspiration. rhythm. creativity. freedom. is south.

Manuel Sandoval, I live in Temuco , Chile . Designer and Web Developer , more than three years of experience in professional projects . Enthusiasm and energy in the constant search for new technologies and tools to improve the results of each project. Passion for music , cycling and photography.

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